Skin Energy


Exfoliate Mask

Refine & Exfoliate Mask

The invigoratingly fresh gel mask based on selected natural fruit acids.

Mat Fluid

Pore Refine Mat Fluid

Lightweight care – strong impact! As effective as blotting paper!

Aqua Recharge Gel

Aqua Recharge Gel

The ultimate light-textured freshness boost.

Moisture Eye Cream

All-round eye cream to combat signs of fatigue.

Aqua Recharge Essence

Wellspring of moisture, lavishes skin with freshness and energy for 24 hours.

Moisture Cream Rich

Moisture Cream Rich

Extra luxurious moisturizer for an animated complexion.

Moisture Cream

Moisture Cream

Moisturizing skin care for radiantly fresh skin.


SKINNOVA SC TECHNOLOGY with stem cell extracts from wild rhododendrons

High active stem cell extracts from wild rhododendrons boost the vitality and energy of the skin’s own (stem) cells, at the same time offering protection against UV-induced stress. Valuable silk extracts and the concentrated power of nature, extracted from fine oils and plant-based extracts, complement the effects of each skin care product and give your skin everything it needs to look radiant. This enables your skin to recharge with energy, power and vigor – regardless of age. And leaves your skin fresh and strong with a healthy radiance. Lasts 24hrs!